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<em>EXPERIENCE </em>Online Investing with Guided Wealth Portfolios

EXPERIENCE Online Investing with Guided Wealth Portfolios

An investment tool for younger investors seeking a digital investment experience.



Investing earlier allows you to grow your savings beyond what they could be by simply sitting in a cash account. The earlier you begin investing, the more you could potentially have when you hit your goal. 

iWealthConnect™ is here to help you ensure you have the right strategy for you and your unique situation, as well as to stick to that strategy through good times and bad. 

Guided Wealth Portfolios can be a great solution for you! You can enjoy a sophisticated, online investment solution and begin building a relationship with our team. We’re here to help you along the way!

The Guided Wealth Portfolio Wealth Management Three-Step Process

The Guided Wealth Portfolios’ three step process will determine which portfolio is right for you based on your individual financial goals, investment timeline (if you have one in mind), and feelings about risk in your investments.  It has all the benefits of online investing, with the personal touch of your personal financial advisor- not a robo advisor.

What&#8217;s your #1 financial goal?

What’s your #1 financial goal?

You’ll choose from three primary goal options:

- Retirement: You want to potentially grow your account for retirement.

- Major purchase: You want to save and invest for a home, car, vacation, etc.

- General investing: You don’t have a specific goal in mind, but you want to start investing for the future.

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What&#8217;s your investment horizon?

What’s your investment horizon?

If you want to invest for retirement or a major purchase, you’ll be asked to indicate when you’d like to reach your goal. Your investment time frame will be the key factor in determining your initial portfolio allocations for your retirement or major purchase goal.

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What&#8217;s your risk tolerance?

What’s your risk tolerance?

Next, you’ll answer a series of risk tolerance questions to help us understand your investment preferences. We’ll seek to discover if you prefer:

- Taking on more risk, which means you’ll receive more equity exposure in your portfolio.

- Taking on less risk, which means you’ll receive more fixed income exposure in your portfolio.

- A mixed approach, which means you’ll receive a balanced mix of equity and fixed income in your portfolio.

If you’re investing for retirement or a major purchase, time will be the key determining factor in your portfolio allocation. Your risk tolerance will determine the “tilt” to your portfolio—whether you have more equity or more fixed income investments, or a balance of the two. On the other hand, if you’re investing for general purposes, your risk tolerance will be the key determining factor

in your portfolio allocation.

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What are Guided Wealth Portfolios?

The Next Generation of Wealth Management

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Why Invest Using GWP?

Investing earlier in life can help you better prepare for your future!

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How GWP is Different?

GWP offers access to a personal advisor who can review your portfolio, help you understand your portfolio performance, answer investment questions, and evaluate your solution to align with your goals. 

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Time to
Get Started!

By using Guided Wealth Portfolios, we aim to provide you a diversified portfolio that matches your risk preferences and helps you work toward your unique financial goals. 

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