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Why Invest Using GWP

Getting A Head Start Can Make A Big Difference

Even just a few years can make a big difference!

Invest Early: You Could Have More In The Future

The Power of Time and Discipline

Why You're Investing: Working Toward A Goal
Invest For: 


Major Purchases

Like a home or vacation

General Purposes

General purposes – you want to grow your account, but have no specific goal in mind

Easy online investing with the guidance of a financial advisor

Invest for your future with a digital investment platform that combines the benefits of a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology. Through our Guided Wealth Portfolios investment platform, you get our experience and expertise with the added convenience and transparency of a 24/7 digital investing solution.

Advisor relationships

While other digital investing solutions, or robo advisors, offer online investment management, many don’t include a direct personal relationship with a financial advisor—unless you’re willing to invest substantial amounts.

With Guided Wealth Portfolios, no matter how large or small your investment amount, you get a personal advisor dedicated to you and your goals. All you need to get started is $5,000* to invest. Whatever your investment goals, we can help you.

Intelligent investing

Guided Wealth Portfolios offers investment management designed to help you pursue your financial objectives. You’ll receive diversified allocations designed for you and your savings goals, and benefit from trading techniques that may increase diversification and can help reduce taxes. By investing with us, you’ll enjoy:

Tax-efficient investing: Through advanced asset analysis, we’ll allocate your assets in a tax-efficient manner and evaluate the tax impact of each trade before it goes through.

Consistent monitoring: Your portfolio is monitored daily, keeping it on track as markets move and rebalancing it as needed.

Tax-loss harvesting: If an investment experiences a loss, we may sell it to offset taxable gains in your portfolio. The investments sold are replaced by similar investments to maintain your asset allocation, so you get tax benefits while keeping a properly diversified portfolio.

Financial advice: We’re available any time you have a question about your account or investing strategy.

* Accounts under $10,000 have a $25 annual fee.

Advisor + technology:
Who does what?

Guided Wealth Portfolios has three major players working together to build and deliver your customized portfolio:

The portfolio designer

LPL Research, an experienced money manager, chooses the investments for the portfolio models.

Your advisor

As your advisor, we review your suggested portfolio allocation to make sure it’s right for you. When your goals or life change, we are available to help you determine if your GWP portfolio will continue to be the right solution for you.

The technology

Sophisticated algorithms are built into the technology. They examine your portfolio every day to see if it can be optimized. These algorithms can trigger rebalancing or tax-loss harvesting to ensure your portfolio stays in line with your goals, creating opportunities to help you save on taxes.

See your personalized proposal

Step 1: Visit It takes only an email address to get started today.

Choose an email address you check regularly! You’ll get updates on how your portfolio’s doing.

Step 2: Help us understand what you want for your investment account by answering a few questions about your goals and preferences.

In general, the longer you have until your goal, the more aggressive your investment strategy should be.

Step 3: Receive your customized proposal!

Open your account

Step 4: Link a current investment account or decide to fund your new Guided Wealth Portfolios account with cash from your bank account.

Step 5: Sign your digital enrollment documents via DocuSign, and let Guided Wealth Portfolios do the rest!

In most cases, you’ll be able to complete Guided Wealth Portfolios account opening online via DocuSign. But sometimes other steps will be required, based on how you want to fund your account. Guided Wealth Portfolios will walk you through!

Start now: To get your personalized proposal and start investing for your future today, go to

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